Sunday, January 27, 2013

The aggravating, asinine, anarchic release of “Adventure Time” on DVD (continued)


Another year, another "Adventure Time" DVD release with a random selection of episodes. This time, the title episode is "Fionna and Cake," designed to tie in with the air date for the second Fionna and Cake episode, "Bad Little Boy" (the episode premieres on February 18th, and the DVD set hits stores February 19th). My review copy came in totally unexpected, super-cool packaging (complete with a screener copy of "Bad Little Boy" and a Jake flash drive!).

I'm updating this post for reference more than outrage this year. In case you missed it, "Adventure Time" should be hitting Netflix Instant at the end of March, which really takes the sting off.

EDIT (3/30/2013): Turns out only Season One showed up on Instant. D'oh.

(1): episodes on My Two Favorite People
(2): episodes on It Came From the Nightosphere
(3): episodes on Jake vs. Me-Mow 
(4): episodes on Fionna and Cake

Season One*
(2) Slumber Party Panic / (1) Trouble in Lumpy Space
(2) Prisoners of Love / (1) Tree Trunks
(2) The Enchiridion! / (3) The Jiggler
(1) Ricardio the Heart Guy / (2) Business Time
(1) My Two Favorite People / Memories of Boom Boom Mountain
(2) Wizard / (1) Evicted!
City of Thieves / The Witch’s Garden
(3) What is Life? / (3) Ocean of Fear
When the Wedding Bells Thaw / Freak City
The Duke / Donny
Henchman / (1) Dungeon
What Have You Done? / (2) Rainy Day Daydream
Gut Grinder / (3) His Hero

Season Two
(2) It Came From the Nightosphere / (1) The Eyes
Loyalty to the King / Blood Under the Skin
(4) Storytelling / Slow Love
(2) Power Animal / (2) Crystals Have Power
(4) The Other Tarts / (1) To Cut a Woman’s Hair
(1) The Chamber of Frozen Blades / Her Parents
(1) The Pods / (4) The Silent King
(2) The Real You / (2) Guardians of Sunshine
(4) Death in Bloom / (3) Susan Strong
(2) Mystery Train / (1) Go With Me
(3) Belly of the Beast / (1) The Limit
(3) Mortal Folly / (3) Mortal Recoil
(3) Video Makers / Heat Signature

Season Three
Conquest of Cuteness / Morituri te Salutamus
(2) Memory of a Memory / (2) Hitman
(3) Too Young / (2) The Monster
(4) Still / (4) Wizard Battle
(4) Fionna and Cake / (4) What Was Missing
(2) The Creeps / (4) From Bad to Worse
Apple Thief / Beautopia
No One Can Hear You / (3) Jake vs. Me-Mow
(3) Thank You / The New Frontier
Holly Jolly Secrets Part I / Holly Jolly Secrets Part II
(4) Marceline’s Closet / Paper Pete

Season Four
(3) Another Way / (4) Ghost Princess
(3) Dad’s Dungeon / (4) Incendium
Hot to the Touch / (3) Five Short Graybles
Web Weirdos / Dream of Love
Return to the Nightosphere / Daddy’s Little Monster
In Your Footsteps / Hug Wolf
Princess Monster Wife / (3) Goliad
Beyond This Earthly Realm / Gotcha
(4) Princess Cookie / (4) Card Wars
Son of Mars / Burning Low
BMO Noire / King Worm
(4) Lady & Peebles / (4) You Made Me
Who Would Win / Ignition Point
The Hard Easy / Reign of Gunters
I Remember You / The Lich (Part 1)

Season Five
Finn the Human (Part 2) / Jake the Dog (Part 3)
Five More Short Graybles / Up a Tree
All the Little People / Jake the Dad
Davey / Mystery Dungeon
All Your Fault / Little Dude
Bad Little Boy / Vault of Bones
The Great Bird Man / Simon and Marcy
Puhoy / A Glitch is a Glitch
One Last Job / Princess Potluck
BMO Lost / James Baxter the Horse
Shhh / The Suitor
The Party's Over, Isla de Senora / Another Five Short Graybles
LSP Gets Robbed / Only Wizards Allowed

*obviously, all episodes of Season One are available in The Complete Season One DVD. A Blu-Ray of The Complete Season One and the Blu-Ray and DVD debut of The Complete Season 2 are all scheduled for June 4th, 2013.

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