Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Marshall's Predators Doomsday imminent (?), but Antal has the Vacancy under Kontroll

Twelve days ago it looked like Neil Marshall, director of junk-food John Carpenter homage Doomsday and indie horrors The Descent and Dog Soldiers was in the lead to direct series reboot/sequel Predators for writer/producer Robert Rodriguez and 20th Century Fox, but now Latino Review is exclusively reporting that now Hungarian director Nimród Antal apparently has the job in his pocket.

Antal directed the American thriller Vacancy, which I wasn't a huge fan of but fellow, lazy TFP writer Matt Lingo liked, and he's responsible for the upcoming film Armored, which I thought looked like a glossy, direct-to-video potboiler awkwardly assigned a huge cast until I learned that Antal was behind it. That said, Antal also directed a really awesome film set in a Hungarian subway station called Kontroll.


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