Monday, June 15, 2009

Remake Watch 2009: Akira

Something new to report! Bloody-Disgusting says that the live-action Akira remake is actually dead.

Dead? I agree with CHUD, who suggests that the relative failure of Terminator Salvation and Watchmen might have caused them to rethink their potential investment (I'm sure the path to $200m being the road their $30m comedy juggernaut The Hangover is walking on is going to define their output in 2010 or 2011). It's too bad, this was one of the few remakes I thought had some legitimate potential. Not that I'll lose any sleep over it.

CHUD also reports that The Birds may be equally dead. I wasn't at all interested in that, but it is a surprise, I was sure when Martin Campbell and Naomi Watts were announced as being attached, it was going somewhere. Guess not...

Remake Watch 2009:
7 film remakes announced
4 film remakes released
2 tv remakes released
2 reboots announced
2 reboots released
1 remake canceled

A "reboot" is defined by Remake Watch as a new attempt at a film series with new actors playing old characters (thus, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Race to Witch Mountain are excluded). Sequels to remakes (The Pink Panther 2, Halloween 2) are ignored.

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