Monday, July 6, 2009

Dear Amanda Seyfried, you deserve better. Much better. Sincerely, Tyler Foster.

Over at Shock Till You Drop, you can watch the trailer for Jennifer's Body, which brings together three of my least favorite things in the whole world: 20th Century Fox, Megan Fox, and Diablo Cody. It looks pretty much as bad as I expected (the movie's visual style looks aggressively boring, the Rocky Horror Picture Show homage is strained, the CG is awful, etc.), but Amanda Seyfried seems unexpectedly interesting, like a beam of light shining in one of the world's deepest, darkest caves.

Additionally, the trailer suggests some of the problems this movie raises aren't going to be contained within the film itself. The trailer prominently features the R rating at the end (after it tries to sell the film on the fact that it's got Panic at the Disco songs in it). We've just come off The Hangover, and I wouldn't want a terrible movie like Jennifer's Body f---ing up the return of the R rating (also worth noting: the last two films where Fox promoted the R were Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem and The Happening). I'm also all for gender equality, so I'd love to see both women embracing horror films and horror films embracing women, but writers like Diablo Cody think the only way to appeal to women is to make fun of or prey on men. The result is the kind of idiotic, catty garbage that would likely appeal mainly to either terrible, vindictive people, or those who don't like R with their horror movies.

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