Thursday, July 16, 2009

Earth Needs Stuntwomen

Hey, look, the movie trailer for Raging Phoenix!

The girl is Jeeja Yanin, who starred in Chocolate. I like women, and I also like seeing people getting their ass kicked. Seeing a woman kick a bunch of ass is just like a sexy, entertaining bonus. Also, there is a scene with sawblade legs or something tucked away in the middle of the trailer, as if it isn't the coolest part.

That said, I've seen three martial arts films from Baa Ram Ewe: Ong-Bak, Tom Yum Goong aka The Protector, and Chocolate. They all had two things in common. They contained the best martial arts I'd seen the year they came out -- hell, some of the best ever -- and they were all among the worst films I'd seen that year (not to mention they've been getting worse as they go on...not good). Whoever writes movies for this stable of stuntpeople really needs to step up their A-game. Take District B13 as an example: it's got lots of martial arts, a paper-thin plot, and clever jokes (especially from Taha, the villain). That's really all you need.

Raging Phoenix opens at some point in the future. Normally clicking on the title would lead to the IMDb page and I'd list a date, but there isn't an IMDb page yet.

Source: FilmDrunk.

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